Perfect Pizzas

Reception class were off on the road again, but this time just into the village for a delicious pizza making course led by Mr Tekin at Zucci's restaurant. The children had spent the week designing their silly faced pizzas and thinking about making it symmetrical. Armed with these designs, and our colourful chefs hats, we walked down to the restaurant and learnt all about pizzas. Mr Tekin showed the children the dough and how to shape it to fit the pan. He tossed the pizza dough into the air wowing the children by not dropping it. They then spread the tomato sauce and cheese before adding their carefully chosen extra toppings as their faces. Into the oven the pizzas went and before we knew it we were sitting down to enjoy a feast. "Yummy yummy" "delicious pizza! I made that!" were just some of the comments at the table. 

Thank you Mr Tekin for welcoming us into his restaurant and for such an unforgettable experience. The children and staff enjoyed themselves a lot.