Pre Prep Assemblies

Despite not being about to host parent assemblies, Pre Prep are holding celebration assemblies in each class on a Thursday. Last week’s awards went to:

Year 2

  • WOW Award (Weekly Outstanding Work) - April S for her enthusiasm and hard work in comparing numbers to 100.
  • Merit - Edward P for settling in so well to School
  • 10 Gold Stars - Kazuo K

Year 1

  • WOW Award - Hetty C for a fabulous message in a bottle.
  • Merit - Orin H for trying harder everyday
  • 10 Gold Stars - Hetty C, Orin H, Dorian M


  • WOW Award- Hugo H-S for making good choices and being kind to his friends
  • Merit - Cecily T for trying new food.
  • 10 Gold Stars - the whole form