Pre Prep Assemblies

Congratulations to last week’s Pre Prep pupils who received awards in their assemblies on Thursday.

Year 2

  • WOW Award (Weekly Outstanding Work) - Olivia A for planning a wonderful fable
  • Merit - Coco W for being a persevering Parrot in everything she does!
  • 10 Gold Stars - Olivia A, Emily G, Rosie F, Edward P, April S and Coco W

Year 1

  • WOW Award - Maddie L for her beautiful 'Bigger Splash' picture
  • Merit - Dorian M for eating his lunch on time for a whole week!
  • 10 Gold Stars - Olivia B, Edward R, Jocelyn B, Faith S, Sebastian T, George P, Maddie L


  • WOW Award- Harry L for being a curious cat and asking lots of questions
  • Merit – Bonnie W for always joining in with all our learning