Reflection Day

Friday 10th January was Reflection Day, where pupils were able to reflect on their own emotions, their impact and how to deal with them appropriately. They were introduced to the topic in assembly where it was explained that we all have emotions, both negative and positive, and that they are a natural part of life.

Reflection is the second of our seven learning dispositions from our Visible Learning Programme to be explored and the pupils were split into groups and attended a variety of sessions all of which challenged them.

The sessions were:

  • Emotions - The pupils looked at how they felt for a range of different emotions. The younger ones compared this to situations featuring familiar characters in books. The older ones looked at how negative emotions can get bigger if we let them and were given ways to manage them.
  • Nuts – This session helped pupils to recognise and deal with their different emotions and feelings.

                       Notice Your Feelings 
                       Use your safe place
                       Think about why you feel that way
                       Speak to someone

  • Yoga - Reception to Year 2s were introduced to Yoga and relaxation by using songs and movement. The senior years used yoga songs and movement to introduce mindfulness and relaxation.
  • Mindfulness – There was a range of sessions including; mindfulness breathing and the concept of mindful minute (s) at start of lessons after breaks and lunchtimes, mindfulness colouring  and in the Forest pupils made mindful mates (stones), reflective wands and drank herbal tea.
  • Where are you with your grades? - The pupils had the opportunity to read their report from last term and set targets for the forthcoming term.
  • Mental Health First Aid – The older pupils discussed what mental health issues there may be and were given tips on how to cope with them.

The remaining five learning dispositions, which we will be experiencing in the future, are Curious, Independent, Creative, Challenge and Team player.