Repton Tennis Tournament

Miss Wood accompanied the St Hugh’s tennis squad to Repton’s Tennis Tournament on Sunday. Greeted by beautiful weather, the squad began warming up in their pairs. With fantastic support and organisation from the parents, the tournament got under way. The U11 boys played some incredible tennis, only conceding 2 games out of the 19 in total played.  George and Matthew narrowly missed out on the semi-finals to Mowden Hall A’s but fought hard to be deserved runners up in their group. The U12 boys met some strong and well-disciplined teams in the tournament, but succeeded in beating Mowden Hall B’s 4 games to 2. Digby and Will worked brilliantly as a team and displayed good sportsmanlike behaviour. The U13 boys displayed true determination in their matches, with some close games. Their final match of the day saw Harry and Henry triumph over Prestfelde with an end result of 4 games to 0.

The girls displayed equal determination to the boys throughout the tournament. Bridie and Emily (U13) had their opponents sprinting all over the court from their well-placed shots. Competition was rife for the U13’s, with the girls beating Swanbourne 4 games to 0. The U12 girls improved their play with every match, increasing communication and directing their shots more accurately. Two close matches against Witham Hall A’s and Swanbourne saw Pippa and Georgina lose by a margin of 2 games.

The U11 girls demonstrated excellent teamwork skills in every match they played. Martha and Esme were determined to succeed and had a game plan that worked to their advantage. In the 5 matches and 25 games they played, the girls only conceded 9 games. In their match against Witham Hall A’s, the girls worked their socks off to secure a 4-3 win. Pure determination sent them through to the finals, where they once again met Witham A’s for a final match. The pressure during the final was extremely tense, with girls on both sides making incredible shots and impressive serves. Esme and Martha kept their composure throughout the match, with three of the games alternating in advantage between the teams at deuce. The final game saw the St Hugh’s pair move across the court with increasing agility whilst Witham served. The end result saw Witham clinch a win, winning 7 games to St Hugh’s 5.

This was a phenomenal display of tennis by St Hugh’s who supported each other throughout the day! Well done to all players who competed.