Roundheads vs Cavaliers

On Tuesday Year 7 visited the National Civil War Centre in Newark.The first of our workshops involved the re-enactment of the trial of Charles I. Lorenzo took on the role of Charles and ended up being executed by Ava at the end of the trial. Pippa and Emily were convincing as mysterious woman and crazy woman and tried to escape the courtroom before being caught by gun-toting soldiers played by Harry S, Digby and Will.

The museum galleries offered the chance for pupils to dress up in 17th C garb, perform mock amputations on the battlefield and search for genuine artefacts. Mr Sinnott was able to read up on his distant ancestors who had fought Cromwell in Wexford.

In the afternoon we investigated the different types of arms and armour available at the time and more dressing up was involved. We practised loading and firing muskets as quickly as we could and performed a pike drill. In the end we had a brief battle in which Mr Sinnott’s Roundheads easily defeated Mr Jeffery’s Cavaliers.

The pupils had a fantastic day and asked excellent questions throughout.