Spelling Bee

Friday 11th November saw a St Hugh's first: an inter-set Spelling Bee! All pupils in Years 3-8 had taken part in set heats the previous week so that, in the final competition, each set had one pupil from each year group to represent their set. It was a daunting experience – pupils stood up in front of the mics and had to spell a selection of words aloud, for a total of five rounds, until the winners were announced.

A huge well done to ALL of the finalists, who really did their sets proud with their spelling and particularly with their incredible confidence in front of a very excited audience! 

The results of the Spelling Bee Final were:

Year 3

  • 1st - George P
  • 2nd - George C
  • 3rd - Harriet T

Year 4

  • 1st - Edward J
  • 2nd equal - Joshua F / Edmund S

Year 5

  • 1st - Noah G
  • 2nd - Joshua N
  • 3rd - Holden L

Year 6

  • 1st - Annabelle J
  • 2nd - Fergus V
  • 3rd - Euan P

Year 7

  • 1st - Angelina B
  • 2nd - Charlotte T
  • 3rd - Florence L

Year 8 

  • 1st - Dan G
  • 2nd - Brandon B
  • 3rd - Huxley S

Overall results were White Set in 3rd place, Blue Set in 2nd place and the Spelling Bee was won by Red Set. 

Having Set Time during Friday hobbies has really helped to build the profile of our school sets and give more and more pupils the opportunity to represent their set in different ways. It is wonderful to see our pupils so proud and supportive of their set.