Sports Day 2022

This year we saw the return of spectators to our Annual Sports Day, which had not happened since 2019. The weather was kind to us which made for a very enjoyable event and it was lovely to see families back picnicking in our traditional style with gazebos a plenty! We welcomed ‘Really Awesome Coffee’ for the first time which seemed to be a popular addition, and the children were very grateful to receive an ice cream token from Mr Wyld, to use throughout the day from the ‘Party Delights’ van. 

With the whole school participating on our 400m track, it was a great atmosphere with our youngest pupils in nursery to our eldest pupils in Year 8 competing (as well as a good  number of staff and spectators!). Pre-prep pupils were awarded with stickers as they finished the race and a participation medal on our podium following their final races. Our prep school pupils earned set points for participating and those placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd were recognised for their achievements during morning and afternoon presentations, where they were presented with a medal on the podium.

There was some fierce competition throughout the day both in individual and team events and it was great to see participants giving their very best. Florence L excelled in all three events breaking the Intermediate Girls 800m record, held since 2012, and challenging both the Long Jump and 100m records!

Congratulations must also go to Beth C and Thomas B, as recipients of the Victrix and Victor Ludorum trophies respectively.

Team competitions were as competitive as ever with all three sets challenging for the Set trophy. This year, it was White Set who were victorious.

Set Results

  • 1st Place - WHITE
  • 2nd Place - RED
  • 3rd Place - BLUE