Stamford U10 Netball Festival (A) 1.30pm

TEAM: U11A&B Netball

VENUE: Stamford JS, Kettering Road, Parking - Nursery Car Park, PE9 2WB

DATE: Wed 11th Jan

COACHES: Mrs Felton & Mrs Bonner-Mackenzie


CHANGE: AM Break (10.40am)

LUNCH: Packed Lunch 

START TIME: 1.30pm


Teams will be selected following training on Monday. All Year 5 & 6 girls will be playing. 

NOTES: Blue Games Kit, skins and hoody. Pack uniform into red bags to go.

Match Report

The Year 5 & 6 cohort began their netball season with a festival hosted by Stamford JS. This saw the girls playing in 5-a-side mixed ability matches against a good range of opposition, some of which we would not otherwise face. Though we had a sunny departure, this did not last long and we watched the sky turn from blue to white to grey during our journey! In typical fashion, the rain began as we stepped onto court to play our first matches! Despite the conditions rapidly deteriorating, the girls demonstrated resilience throughout.  

It was great to see the girls rotating positions and playing in all areas of the court. Every player had the opportunity to shoot, as either a GA or GS and it was super to see us scoring lots of goals - especially with the wind against them! 

Team 1, captained by Annabelle, had three impressive wins and dominated play with some great court transitions. They showed good awareness of the game and I was particularly pleased with their set plays, given we have only had three training sessions. India B-W was chosen as player of the game by the first opposition, following some super interceptions to regain possession, as well as some accurate shots. I was also delighted that every player contributed to the scoreline!

Scorers - India B-W (2), Millie B (1), Jemima S (3), Kitty W (2), Annabelle J (2), Charlotte J (1)

Team 2 got off to a strong start with a 2-0 win and some great scoring from Alicia. Their communication was a little lacking, but they warmed up well and started to remember the importance of signalling to keep possession. The team went on to draw their next two games, persevering through the weather! It was good to see the whole team adapt well to playing each different position, and hopefully their communication and focus will be even stronger next week! 

Well done to all players. We look forward to returning to Stamford next week to play in the U11 Festival.