U10A Softball v Burton Hathow

Result: Lost 293-294

It was an incredibly tight game for the U10’s who faced a Year 6 Burton Hathow side. The team was captained by birthday boy, Euan B, who led by example with a superb catch in the second innings! There was another outstanding catch in the field from Aydin who displayed great reaction skills to secure another wicket. Close encounters also came from Jenson G and Amelia F. It was great to see the St Hugh’s team working together in the field with some great backing up. There was some impressive bowling from all eight members of our team and it was great to see their hard work in training paying dividends. 

St Hugh’s were a little tentative when opening the batting but soon got in their stride and became more decisive as time progressed. There were a good number of fours scored as well as a superb six played by Sophie from an incredible shot of a difficult bowl. It was clear that this game was going to be extremely tight and when Euan stepped up to bowl the final bowl of the game, the game was tied at 293-293! Burton Hathow managed to get bat to ball and took their chances to score the run. Amelia F reacted quickly and narrowly missed what could have been the catch of the game! 

St Hugh’s were defeated by one run but finished on a real high following a great match. It was lovely to witness the Burton Hathow umpire praising our pupils for playing so well against an older side.

It was a real treat to be back seeing our children enjoying friendly competition and each member of the team should be very pleased with their contribution to the side.