U11 Mixed Cricket v Lincoln Minster (A)

Please see downloads for TEAM SHEETS. 


Lincoln Minster have requested softball for the U11A fixture which may come as a disappointment but it is important that all children involved in a hardball game are suitably prepared. We will therefore play softball pairs and we have requested the use of wooden bats, stumps and incredi-ball. 

Match Reports

U11A Incredi-ball Pairs

Result: Lost - LMS 271, SHS 268

We had a quick game with teams just playing two overs per pair. Minster were slow to get runs at the start of their innings and we picked up a couple of wickets with some accurate bowling by Will L and Eli. Sharp fielding gained us two run-outs and a catch at mid-on. Their final pair of batters were useful and scored numerous sixes over a short boundary in the last two overs which significantly boosted their total.

We batted carefully on the whole and the communication and running between the wickets was pretty slick. Coming into the final overs we needed 18. Rory played some classy strokes against their more accurate bowlers and together with Sam helped us to get within three runs of their total.

U11A Softball

Result: Won by 40 (181 to 141)

This was a really enjoyable, if rapid, game of cricket over at Lindum CC versus LMS. Each pair did really well, particularly with the bat. We fielded first and kept LMS to a decent score, with Annabelle, Alicia and Jemima bowling especially well and with some good fielding from everyone. We didn’t concede any boundaries and kept LMS to singles, meaning their run rate was slow. When it was our turn to bat, each pair attacked the ball. Charles was strong with the bat and AJ made the leg side his own. Megan and Michelle hit the ball well and we were treated to some lovely off drives towards the boundary by the others. Millie and Kitty were athletic with the quick singles and George won the dirty knees prize for his work in the field, well supported by Joshua who tag teamed with him as they scooped up the loose ball. LMS’ fielding was dynamic and they took some good catches as we went long with the ball but the old adage of hit what’s hittable was the order of the day. 

Probably as a result of the aggressive batting we lost a couple of wickets meaning losing 5 runs each time but, despite this, a really good score was posted making it a convincing win. What was lovely though was the teamwork and the atmosphere in the game - both teams were on it and the match was a pleasure to umpire. 

We were also treated with a flypast from the Red Arrows at the exact point of the final ball!  A lovely day in the sunshine and well done to everyone involved.

U11B Softball

The U11B softball team had a really enjoyable first fixture of the cricket season against LMS in the sunshine. 

We batted first and a strong opener from Holden and Noah - including two sixes in the first over from Holden - got us off to a great start. Tabitha and Ela also scored well and were able to make particularly good advantage of any fielding mishaps, communicating quickly and effectively with one another. Lulu and Charlotte were a little more hesitant at first, but soon hit their stride and were also able to score well, including two fours from Charlotte. Finally, it was Edward and Ellis up to bat, who between them scored 28 runs, the highest of any pair. Impressive work from both boys, who really picked the right places to aim the ball. 

When it was our turn to field, we switched bowlers each over to give everybody plenty of practice. Bowling was strong from the whole team, with very few wides and three wickets taken. It’s clear that a little more teamwork is needed on the field.