Year 7 Trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon

Year 7, along with Mrs Bonner-Mackenzie, Mr Jeffery and MrsYule, visited Stratford-Upon-Avon on Tuesday 21st March. We started off by walking from the bus to the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) theatre and had lunch by the River Avon, where we met an old friend of Mrs Bonner-Mackenzie, whose name was Jen and who works at the RSC.

After eating and having a fun time with the river birds, we started to walk over to the Holy Trinity Church, where Shakespeare was buried. We went inside to get up close and found that some of his relatives were not buried with him but somewhere else.

After exiting the church, we went to the exact place where he was born, in a house on Henley Street. There were very small beds in the house and there was the fireplace that Shakespeare was born in front of.

We then went to the house where Shakespeare’s son-in-law lived. We learnt more about Shakespeare from a talk and then had a quiz where we won badges with different Shakespeare insults on. We had a fun time (even though the ride back was very long!) and learnt lots about Shakespeare’s life.

by Peyton N