Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Years 1 & 2 had a fantastic time at Yorkshire Wildlife Park as part of their topic work on Africa. Thank you to Ottilie, Year 2, for the fabulous recount of the day:

"Year one and two went to Yorkshire Wildlife Park because our topic is Africa.

First we entered into the outdoors and we went to the baboons. Their bottoms were very big! They were really stinky. One of them even popped out with a banana in his hand. It really made me laugh. It was hilarious! 

Next we went to the painted dogs, apparently not a lot of people see them. So we were really lucky. They were very good at camouflaging. Did you know they always stay in a pack? They are following the leader. 

A little while later we went to the lemur walkabout. I only saw the lemurs because I saw something moving in the trees which was their tails. I loved it when I saw some cuddling together. 

Soon after that we went to the workshop. I held a cockroach! I also held a giant snail. Of course I touched a snake called Monty. We also saw some skulls. 

After that we saw zebras munching and munching on grass. I also saw that there's brown on zebras. 

Otters here we come I thought as soon as I saw the frolicking flippers. They were jumping in and out! I didn't notice that they made a squeaking noise. 

When we arrived at the lion enclosure we had a lion talk. The lions were all the way from Ukraine and last week was their first time on grass. There were giraffes, meerkats, rhinos, polar bears, wallabies, monkeys and leopards. Next time I come I'll definitely play in the park. 

I recommend it to everyone."

Ottilie, Year 2