Jasmine’s Art Scholarship Success

Congratulations to year 8 pupil, Jasmine, who has won an Art Scholarship to Uppingham.

Jasmine worked incredibly hard on her portfolio prior to her interview, demonstrating her skills using multiple mediums and techniques. Alongside her sketches and use of a range of materials, Jasmine even learnt to weld with tuition from her Grandfather. For her piece ‘Transforming the Boring’, which received high praise from Uppingham, Jasmine used her new found skills to produce a sculpture made out of old horse shoes.

Reflecting on the piece, Jasmine commented: “I wanted to do something unique and interesting. I also have a passion for horses and wanted to incorporate that into my piece. We have old horse shoes at the yard which I thought we would be good to use. Looking at the curvy shape of them made me also think of pears and so I came up with the idea of turning them into a sculpture of a pear with a stalk. My grandfather taught me how to stick weld using two horse shoes which was surprisingly easy. It was also fun to prove my dad wrong as he didn’t think I could learn how to do it.”

Receiving fantastic feedback from her interview, Jasmine is a credit to St Hugh’s and should be extremely proud of her achievement.

Stuart Jarvis, Director of the Leonardo Centre at Uppingham, observed: “Jasmine demonstrated great maturity through her interview. She spoke with eloquence and thought, considering each answer carefully. She is clearly someone who is not afraid to try a range of ambitious projects; two particular highlights for me were the horseshoe pear and the beautiful concrete vase.”

We are also honoured that Jasmine has kindly donated her horseshoe pear to St Hugh’s so we can display it for years to come. This will become a lovely feature within our school grounds and will, undoubtedly, inspire future artists.