Boarding House News - Week 3

Our weekly Boarding House Newsletter for the week commencing Monday 19th September...

This week we have introduced a rota with regards to jobs in the Boarding House. Each day the pupils rotate between jobs that include: front of line, back of line, clearing after supper, laundry, dorm checks and water bottles. Pupils have taken to these roles with ease and stayed loyal to ensuring they play their part in keeping our home organised and tidy. I am so proud of their maturity and independence, recognising that jobs need to be covered when pupils are absent. Accountability is a key skill which, naturally, a lot of boarders have. Well done all!

Activities have been energetic this week and included Ultimate Frisbee, craft making and quiz night. It is lovely to see boarders involved with the activities we offer demonstrating key learning dispositions. Well done to Spike, Henrietta and Noah for winning the Boarding House Quiz!

The highlight of my week has to be the suppers. The boarder’s reaction to a platter of watermelon made my week; it was like Christmas morning! For suppers we have enjoyed bagels with a variety of spreads and fruit, crepes paired with a fruit platter and chocolate sprinkled ice cream cones with fruit! Their love for fruit is to be encouraged and one we will continue to promote.

Activities for the week commencing 26th September:

  • Monday – Cornish Long Ball/Hockey
  • Tuesday – Autumn Crafts
  • Wednesday – Movie and Game Night
  • Thursday – Dog Walk/Tea in the Woods (Hot Chocolate and Brownie)

We will miss our Year 7 and 8s next week, but we hope they have a lovely time in Paris.

Best wishes,

Mrs Warwick-Smith

Boarding House Parent