Boarding House News - Week 4

Boarding House News - Week 4

Our weekly Boarding House Newsletter for the week commencing Monday 26th September...

It has been wonderful spending time with our Year 4-6 boarders this week whilst our Year 7’s and 8’s were away in Paris. We hope they have had a wonderful time – the pictures look great. We are excited to welcome them back on Monday.

Monday night saw sixteen boarders, all playing Cornish long ball in the sports hall followed by bagels and fruit. It was great to see the Boarding House roaring with excitement as they prepared for the early get up. On Tuesday morning at 4am, it really did feel like the scene out of Home Alone as they all prepared for their school trip! Luckily for us, we did not leave anyone behind like Kevin!

Activities this week included: autumn crafts, pool table matches, dog walk, Horncastle hockey and takeaway night. I love this time of the week, when all boarders get together to take part in the activity provided. I commend them for coming forward with activities they wish to see in the future and promote this communication from them. Their voice matters!

It was great to see some of our younger years boarding this week, which enabled our Years 5/6 boarders to demonstrate leadership attributes and role model our routines and behaviours that we share within our home. I am incredibly proud of the maturity and progress of our weekly boarders as they really stepped up to the mark this week.

For supper this week the boarders have enjoyed bagels with fruit, melon wands with a crepe, fruit platter with scones and chocolate sprinkled fruit pops.

Activities for the week commencing 3rd October:

  • Monday – 40:40 in Game Playing
  • Tuesday – Movie/Games Night
  • Wednesday – Crafts and Fire pit with Marshmallows
  • Thursday – Tea House in the Woods (Hot Chocolate & Brownie)

Best Wishes,

Mrs Warwick-Smith

Boarding House Parent