Girls V Boys in Hockey

On Wednesday 25th of November the girls’ U13 hockey team played the U13 boys in the first of two Wednesday afternoon competitive matches.

The girls’ team consisted of Captain Annabel S in midfield, goal keeper Ruby S, defenders Lucy P and Aurora F, wingers of Jasmine G and Penny V and forward Beth C. The boys lined up with Thomas B in goal, defenders of Joseph S and Dan G, in midfield was Freddie N with wingers of Matthew K and Elliot A and the Captain and forwards was William B. The first half was fairly even with the boys playing fast and furious whilst the girls were playing good hockey moving the ball around and keeping space. The only goal of the first half was Aurora F with a strong sweep from the edge of the D.

In the second half the boys used their wingers more and the game was end to end.  However, this played into the girls hands as the additional space allowed them to play the ball into the spaces.  First to score was Annabel S and this was followed by Penny V and Beth C. The final score and first win of the 2 match series was 4-0 to the girls.

Round two of the competition took place on Wednesday 2nd of December.  The girls’ A team was unchanged but the boys drafted in Daniel S as goal keeper. It was the boys who struck first with Matthew K on the score sheet.  However, the girls hit back with Aurora F, followed by Beth C getting the girls in front.  This lead was pegged by William B and the half time score was 2-2.

In the second half both teams struggled to get clean shots off in the D, however it was the girls who got the winning final goal of the game as Beth scored her second and the girls won 3-2. The game was much more even than in the first week but the girls continued to play strong, positional, possessive game with lots of energy and commitment to match the boys.

In the Bs matches the boys were much more dominant winning both matches of the competition

Round One

1st Half Boys 3 Henry J x2 Freddie H - Girls 0

2nd Half Girls 2 Annabel T, Lucy S - Boys 1 Freddie H

Boys win 4-2

Round Two

1st Half Boys 3 Henry J 2 Huxley S 1 - Girls 1 Leah R

2nd Half Boys 6 Henry J, Thomas B, Harry Hx2, Jackson Wx2 - Girls 1 Lucy S

Boys Win 9-2