‘Magic Grandma and Grandad’

Year 1 was delighted to welcome ‘Magic Grandma and Grandad’ for an afternoon to learn woodworking skills.

The class always enjoys having visitors to the classroom so they were very excited to welcome Mrs Noden’s parents (now fondly known as 'Magic Grandma and Grandad') who came to share their expertise.

For many of the children it was their first time using some of the tools that were required to build their own vehicle from wood. There was a great deal of concentration as they focused on cutting, sanding and screwing the components together. We think we can see from their faces how much they enjoyed the afternoon and how proud they are of their model cars!

Thank you to ‘Magic Grandma and Grandad’ for coming to visit us. The lesson tied in perfectly to this term’s topic work on journeys. Everyone is looking forward to them coming again!