Mixed Gender Sport

As well as taking part in the IAPS Hockey and Football competitions last week, pupils have also enjoyed a mixed touch rugby tournament and girls v boys hockey matches as part of our competitive sport offering.

Our Year 3-5 bubble took to the rugby pitches in mixed ability and mixed gender teams to take part in a round robin tournament on Wednesday.  This was very much enjoyed by all, especially the girls with it being a new experience for them.  The children were buzzing in the changing rooms following this and are already looking forward to the second part of the tournament next Wednesday.

Our Year 6-8 bubble had a different experience on the hockey field, with girls facing the boys in ability graded teams.  This was a real treat for the girls particularly, who saw this as their first opportunity to be selected for a team and face real opposition! There was some outstanding play across the board and some very competitive matches! The second fixture will be played next Wednesday and we look forward to seeing who comes out on top!