Perseverance Day

Today was Perseverance Day for all pupils from Nursery to Year 8.

Perseverance is one of our seven learning dispositions from our Visible Learning Programme and we will be exploring each one on separate days over the coming terms. The pupils were split into groups and attended a variety of sessions all of which challenged them.

The lower end of the school took part in lace and bow tying, learning how to skip, hitting a target and catching balls. Things were a little more difficult for older pupils where they experienced writing with their non-dominant hand, making marshmallow towers, showing will-power in resisting sweets, catching balls blindfolded, solving tangram puzzles, creating shapes from paper loops, making fires and a whole host of co-ordination games.

The remaining six learning dispositions, which we will be experiencing in the future, are Curious, Reflective , Independent, Creative, Challenge and Team player.