Senior Sports Tour Assembly

In October, pupils in Years 7 and 8 headed on their Senior Sports Tour to the Netherlands.

They were very excited to share their experience in assembly and enjoyed showing everyone a video with highlights of the trip. Please click here to view the video.

The following is their assembly presentation:

Group 1

Jemima: On the 16th of October the Year 7 & 8s went to Holland for a hockey and rugby tour. We travelled from Hull and took the overnight ferry to Rotterdam. 

Annabelle: We had been preparing for the tour since the last half term. One of the things that we made as a group was a code of conduct which we all had to sign to acknowledge that we would show respect and follow rules whilst on the tour. We prepared for the matches which we practised for in our Games time. Thanks to all the games staff for helping with this.

Sophie: The day before we set off to Hull, we received our kit in a presentation assembly, shortly after Mr Short and Mrs Felton had explained the itinerary. We then headed home to pack our bags ready to set off the next day.

Florence: Amsterdam is a very popular tourist destination where there are lots of different things to do including museums, stadiums, theme parks, water parks and lots of sport pitches. 

Amelia: Thank you to all the parents and sponsors (AE Lenton Group, emec and GBM Waste Management) for supporting this trip, and a special thank you to Mr Short, Mrs Felton, Mr Goodhand and Miss Blee-Storey for accompanying and supporting us on this amazing tour. 

Group 2

Will L: We had tea and left school to the Hull ferry port and boarded. We had dinner served by the ferry. After dinner and exploring the ferry (including the disco) we went to bed in our cosy dorms. It was very rocky! 

Will S: After a good night’s sleep we had a big breakfast on the ferry and travelled to our accommodation.

Wilf: We went to the Van Gogh Museum. 

Euan: We explored the beautiful streets of Amsterdam - the bikes, canals, bridges…

Aydin: We came to the RC Bulldogs Rugby Club ground and they had amazing facilities which were very nice. We played really strong but we could not play as well as they were playing. All the coaches, players and staff were very welcoming. We had some nice warm match tea and then we headed back to the accommodation.

Charles: We returned to the hostel and had Domino's Pizza and Fanta for dinner after a very long day! Daily awards - Player of the Match (Aydin & Sophie)

Fergus: Code of Conduct Champions - Flo & Will C. Disaster of the Day - Florence and Aydin. We then headed to bed to feel refreshed for the next morning.

Group 3

Alicia: We started our day nice and early, hopped on the bus and travelled to the Ajax Stadium which was fun (the boys liked it a little bit more than the girls). 

Ela: After the Ajax tour we headed straight to drop off the boys at their second rugby match then we had a picnic lunch whilst supporting them.

Aydin: Again, the facilities at the club were great. The team had some big lads but we learnt from our previous match that size doesn't matter and we went on to win the game with a strong lead. At the end of the match we went and had social time with each other. All of the teams we played were really nice and friendly and we went off back to the coach so we could watch the girls play their hockey match. 

Poppy: We then went to the girls’ final hockey match and the boys came and cheered us on, ‘which was very annoying’ - quoted by kitty!

Gemma: The boys won 42-7 and the girls lost sadly, 3-1. We all had a great game and hot chocolate at the end of the girls’ match.

Kitty: After our match, we all went bowling and had a nice dinner (and sang happy birthday to an elderly lady who we met). After dinner we went back to our hostel and we did our daily awards which included Jemima and Will for Player of the Game.

Charlotte: Charlotte and Sophie for Disaster of the Day.

Scarlet: Alicia and Rupert for Code of Conduct Champions. We all had an amazing day and were ready for bed. 

Amelie: We were all ready for the theme park and the Tiki Pool the next day.

Group 4

On day four, we travelled to the Duinrell Theme Park and the Tiki Pool and then onto the Hague. At the theme park, we spent three hours on the rides and looking around, then two hours in the Tiki Pool on slides and flumes. After we had some fun there, we went to somewhere on the coast called the Hague. We explored the coastline and enjoyed some refreshments. We then headed to Rotterdam ferry port to head home.

On day five we travelled home, having dinner on the ferry before heading to bed. In the morning we had breakfast and then had the short coach ride from Hull back to school.

It was a fabulous sports tour which was enjoyed by all - with thanks once again to our sponsors: AE Lenton Group (AEL)emec and GBM Waste Management.