Sparkling Nativities

Parents and grandparents were treated to a double helping of nativities today. The Pre-Prep were having a party and what a party it turned out to be. Their nativity “It’s a Party” followed the progress of the angels who were delivering invitations to a special party in a very unconventional venue, a stable in Bethlehem.

Whilst this was going on Mary and Joseph, with their donkey, were travelling on a Bumpy Journey to their final destination

The angels had to deliver their special invitations to the sleepy, snoring shepherds and their sheep. They then guided the three Kings to the stable where everyone had gathered and then it was announced to the audience “Let’s boogie to It’s a Party”.

Following this Our Early Years children told the story of An Easy Cheesy Nativity, which followed the tale (or should that be tail?) of three Bethlehem mice who are disturbed one night by several animals visiting their barn. The sheep, cows and horses are all looking for 'someone special' but all the mice want to find is some cheese. They soon end up discovering something much more important as the shepherds and wise men then visit the baby in the manger.

It was a wonderful performance by our youngest pupils, some of whom are only 2 years old, and we're sure that the song “We're Looking for a Little Bit of Cheese” is still going round in the heads of the audience!