The Dog That Saved Christmas

This term Y3 have been reading a beautiful book called The Dog That Saved Christmas. The protagonist, Jake, hates Christmas for many reasons; he struggles with the changes to his routine, the flashing lights everywhere upset him and he just can’t understand the need to bring a tree inside! Jake meets a dog who understands his aversion to Christmas. Susan (the dog) is able to calm Jake down when he is stressed or anxious and, slowly, Jake begins to see Christmas as a positive time of year. 

Last Friday, Y3 had a special visitor in the shape of Faith, a border collie! She looks just like Susan the dog! The class read their favourite bits of the story to Faith and discussed the changes in Jake’s character. The whole class liked sharing their thoughts about the book and thoroughly enjoyed having cuddles with Faith.

Thank you, Mrs Wood, for bringing in Faith to see us!