Travelling Book Fair

The Book Fair is here at St Hugh's from 21st November for one week and as usual, provided by Travelling Books.

All children will have the opportunity during the week to visit the fair.  Please let the School Office know how much you are happy for your child to spend or how many books they can choose by emailing by Friday 17th November

Any amount spent will be added to your termly bill unless you specify otherwise. Although we do not wish to dictate how much children can spend, in the past many books are priced at £5.99 and children who only have £5 to spend do therefore have a slightly limited choice. 

Please note that children will not be able to purchase pens, rulers, etc. as we request that these are not included. 

Don’t forget; you have the chance to Click and Collect at  Choose in advance, pay online and collect your order direct from the Book Fair!