U10 U11 U12 & U13 Mixed Cricket v Wellow (A) 2.15pm

Team: U12/13 6 Pairs Softball

Venue: AWAY @ Wellow House, NG22 0EA

Date: Wednesday 23rd June

Coach: Mr Goodhand

Team members: Jasmine  & Annabel S, Aurora & Lucy P, Joseph & Ralph , Beth & Penny, Ruby & Freya, Hattie & Annabel T, Harry B & Joseph S

*18 over game

*Incredi-ball, wooden bats optional

Match Report U12/13 v Wellow House:

Result: St Hugh's 102, Wellow House 48

Wednesday 23rd of June saw another perfect day for cricket with clear blue skies.  The U13 orange ball team travelled in good spirits to Wellow with 6 pairs. 

Wellow won the toss and chose to bat.

Jasmine and Annabel S opened our bowling. They conceded 18 runs in their 4 overs and took two wickets with Jasmine taking a smart caught and bowled.

Aurora and Lucy were next to bowl and conceded 14 runs and took 2 wickets from Lucy's overs. The first was a Run Out by Penny and the second a catch by Penny.

Harry B and Joseph S bowled next and conceded 35 runs against an experienced cricketer. However, Harry B took 2 wickets - one by Penny and one from his own bowling.

Penny and Beth conceded just 6 runs from their 4 overs with Beth getting the first maiden for this team’s season and it was a wicket maiden with Penny taking an epic catch.

Ruby and Freya conceded 16 runs with Ruby taking a wicket bowled.

Annabel T and Hatty conceded 9 runs in their 4 overs but took two wickets for a net -1.  Hatty's wicket was by bowling the Wellow player whilst Annabel's was a catch by Ruby.

Wellow's final score was 48.


Jasmine and Annabel S opened our batting  and scored a colossal 40 in their 4 overs with Jasmine scoring 7 fours.

Aurora and Lucy scored 15 from 4 overs but lost 3 wickets for a net 0. Two caught and one Run Out.

Harry B and Joseph scored 16 from their 4 overs for the loss of 1 wicket with both Harry and Joseph getting a four.

Penny and Beth were in next and scored 36 from 3 overs for the loss of one wicket.  Beth scored 3 fours and a six and Penny 3 fours.

Ruby and Freya scored 18 from 3 overs with the loss of just one wicket.

Annabel and Hatty scored 12 from their 3 overs for the loss of just one wicket.

St. Hugh's final score was 102.

For the Year 8 members of the team, this was their last fixture representing St Hugh's and they went out on a high. I hope it was memorable for them and many thanks for all their efforts over their St Hugh's careers across all the sports.


Team: U11A&B mixed, 4 Pairs Softball

Venue: AWAY @ Wellow House, NG22 0EA

Date: Wednesday 23rd June

Coaches: Mr McDonnell & Miss Wood

A Team: Huxley (C) & Peyia, Elliot & Leo, Spike &, Jackson, Henry & Dan 

B Team: Poppy & Lucy, Amira & Amelia, Leah & Daphne, Henrietta & Lucy

* One player will go into bat twice in the B team

*4 overs per pair

Match Report U11A v Wellow House:

Result: St Hugh's 297, Wellow House 250

The U11A outfit travelled to Wellow House to take on their finest cricketers on Wednesday. In a fantastic fixture with some impressive skills on display, St Hugh’s managed to take the win. 

All of the players bowled with great skill, especially Dan G who expertly delivered a three wicket maiden over. Huxley S took 3 catches as calm as a cucumber, Elliot A followed suit with some great athletic fielding and Spike H also took a hat-trick of wickets. 

No pair scored less than 15 in the crease and with some accurate fast bowling it was a difficult day to achieve such a task. Huxley S and Henry J’s running between the wicket was second to none, only not running a single (or hitting a boundary) on 4 balls in their 4 overs. Leo G and Dan G gracefully took us above the required score after the foundations had been built by Elliot A, Peyia F, Spike H and Jackson W. 

A fantastic effort from all of the players involved and a great send-off for my final fixture with my unbeaten cricket team. What a fine bunch of sports men and women they will become.

Match Report U11B v Wellow House:

Result: Wellow 287, St Hugh’s 258

The U11B’s travelled to a sunny Wellow on Wednesday for their final fixture of the year! The girls were keen to get started and our captain, Lucy, was eager to lead her team to victory. 

St Hugh’s were first to bat, after losing the toss, capitalising on a lack of cover by the fielding team on the leg side and scoring many fours. The communication between batting pairs was mixed, with some risky runs paying off whereas others lost them wickets. Leah’s batting was consistently good, as she directed the ball to different areas of the field.

The away team were well positioned when they first went out to field. Lucy’s bowling was second to none, succeeding in gaining a fair few wickets during the innings. Despite the ground being rather uneven at the crease, the girls bowled really well. Henrietta’s bowling was particularly accurate, meaning few wides were given, therefore keeping Wellow’s advancing score at bay.

The coverage over the field was extremely good by St Hugh’s, the team worked together to fill gaps but Wellow’s final batters were confident, sending the ball over the boundary for fours and sixes. Despite the loss, St Hugh’s U11 B’s showed great sportsmanship in the way they congratulated the opposition. Great work team!


Team: U10A&B mixed, 5 Pairs Softball

Venue: AWAY @ Wellow, NG22 0EA

Date: Wednesday 16th June

Coaches: Mrs Felton & Miss Ward

Team members: Euan, Amelia, Sophie, Aydin, Megan, Angelina, Wilf, Poppy, Florence,Isadora, Ailsa, Mahreen, Lucia, Scarlett, Amelie, Ted, Arthur, Toby, Matthew

3 overs pp, Incrediball, Wooden bats optional

Match Report U10A v Wellow House:

Result: Wellow House 310, St Hugh's 281

It was a glorious afternoon for our final cricket fixture of the term with blue skies and a group of very excited Year 5’s! I was also incredibly excited about the prospect of taking a team offsite for the first time in a long while and, with precautions in place, it was definitely a worthwhile experience for all involved.  

St Hugh’s lost the toss but Wellow kindly offered St Hugh’s the choice and captain, Aydin, rightly opted to take to the field first. Euan stepped up as first bowler and performed well, not conceding any runs for wides/no bowls. In fact, after the first over, the St Hugh’s side had prevented Wellow from scoring any runs. It was great to see every member of the team bowling confidently but also adapting their technique when things didn't go so well. Matthew, Sophie and Aydin all took a wicket and there were some very close catches from Matthew and Aydin. With a small legside boundary, Wellow pushed for the 4’s and 6’s but there was some unbelievable fielding from our players, particularly Amelia and Angelina who stopped a number of balls to limit the score to one run. Ailsa kept her eye in as wicket keeper and was quick to the ball, while Megan fielded the ball accurately in a few attempts at the wicket. As a team, our players communicated very well and I thought they supported one another throughout the game which was lovely to see. Aydin set the field and continually looked at how best to place our fielders.

St Hugh’s went into bat in the second innings with Wellow sitting at 310, a very respectable score. Euan and Megan opened the batting and between them scored 29 runs. They both hit a 4 and ran between the wickets well to score some solid runs. Next up was Amelia and Angelina who secured 14 runs for the side but, unfortunately, suffered a little from some very weak bowling. While they earned runs for wide and no bowls, it was unfortunate they didn’t get as good an opportunity to hit the boundary as they may normally have. Ailsa and Sophie for our third pair in, scoring a good 23 runs with some outstanding batting by Sophie. She hit some cracking 4’s and together they also achieved a good number of singles, with some great quick decision making. Our highest scoring pair followed, with Aydin and Matthew securing a fantastic 33 runs together. They hit the boundary on a number of occasions which included two incredible 6’s from Aydin. Our final pair, Mahreen and Sophie, came in to bat and we knew we still had some chasing to do. Wellow put out their fastest bowlers for these last three overs and this clinched them the win. They took three wickets in a row in their first over, two in the second and one in the third! This put us on the back foot and while it was an extremely well matched game, Wellow took the win at 310-281.  

Well done to all players - it was super to see every member of the team contributing to the game and great to be back out playing sport again!

Match Report U10B v Wellow House:


On a glorious Wednesday afternoon the U9 B team took to Wellow House to face their opponents.

Bowling first, the under 9s showed lovely technique across the board. Raul P and Wilf H-S both taking a wicket and Poppy H delivering some speed and accuracy to the batters. 

In the crease, Ted J and Florence L were outstanding, clearing the boundary with almost every strike of the bat. This saw Ted J claim player of the day for his fantastic composure and skill throughout the game. Poppy H captained the team with natural ease to take the victory home. In a close game the final batting pair of Lucia H and Wilf H-S nudged the score from 195-222. A fantastic effort from all players involved!