U13 Rugby 7’s v Wellow, 2:15pm

Team: U13

Venue: HOME

Date: Wednesday 28th November

Coach: Mr Sinnott

Lunch Time: Normal

Start Time: 2.15pm

Return/Finish Time: 4.15pm

Ethan C

Lorenzo F (captain)

Jake W

Gabriel S

William H

Jack C

Digby V

Harry S


Toby A

Joseph S

Louis C

Charlie H

George P

Ben M

Henry B

Sam S

Alfie R


We will be playing two sevens teams against Wellow.

On a cold and windy day St Hugh’s played Wellow on what was a very biased game. We played two matches, both against the same Wellow team, as they only had 7 players. This was the first seven a-side match we have played this year. We split into two teams and each played one half of both games.

We won the toss and chose to kick. We chased the ball well and managed to catch it. We dominated the start of the match with good handling and stepping from Digby and Will. St Hugh’s managed to score 2 tries. Unfortunately, they put the ball over our try line. We scored once more  but after that Wellow scored a try.

The half time whistle blew. At half time we realised that there was much more space on the pitch than we thought of. Playing 7 a-side rugby is harder because you have to make the tackles and you have to run much more. The score was 3-2 to St Hugh’s

We came on the pitch feeling strong with a whole new team. We started well with Ben running round them 2 times.  They scored with their fast runner on the wing. We got back and scored two more tries.

End of the first match was 7-4  to us

We now knew that Wellow had one fast player that is good at stepping. We came on the pitch feeling confident because we knew that they were starting to feel tired. We played well with us scoring 4 tries but unluckily they ran round us and scored a try.

The score at half time was 4-1 to St Hugh’s.

We came on the pitch and scored twice more. Wellow scored once more making the score 4-2. We gained our confidence and scored 2 more times. The end whistle blew and the score was 6-3 to St Hughs.

The score of both the games combined was 13-7.  Well done boys, keep it up!