U8A & B Tag Rugby v Ranby (A), 2:15pm

Fixture Details



U8A & B Tag


Ranby House DN22 8HX


12th September


Mr Jeffery

Lunch Time:


Start Time:


Return/Finish Time:


A team:

  1.    Jenson
  2.    Aydin
  3.    Cameron
  4.    Wilf
  5.    Euan
  6.    Arthur

B team:

  1. William Sh.
  2. William Se
  3. Raul
  4. Toby
  5. Aidan
  6. Matthew




Tracksuits and/or hoodies required.




SCORE – 5-6

SCORERS – Aydin T (5 tries)

In a very competitive first fixture at Under 8 tag rugby St Hugh’s battled well and were unlucky to be on the wrong side of a 6-5 scoreline. We tagged very efficiently, in particular, Arthur and Wilf were very adept at swift nabbing of opponents’ tags. In possession we tended to hold on to the ball a little too long without passing and so mazy runs were the order of the day – which is ok but can lead to some rather haphazard running without the involvement of teamwork or the creation of space for other players. Aydin ran through evasively on a number of occasions to score several tries for us. Special mention should be made for Euan who played through the game with a very sore finger after an injury sustained just before the match began.


SCORE – 1-7

SCORERS –William Sh.

In the second match, we found it tough going though William Sh. led superbly by example with some fine individual running. Unfortunately he ran beyond the touchlines on some occasions but he deservedly got his try in the end. Toby also showed promise in possession at the start of the game. Though very eager to get involved we need more practice in getting behind the ball carrier so that passes can be successfully completed.