Year 8 Mathematicians are the brightest in Lincolnshire

Just after half term, the School took part in the Bebras National Computing Challenge for Years 2 and above. Over a quarter of a million pupils enter this competition annually. Up to Year 5, the pupils compete in teams of either two or three pupils to gain experience of solving computational problems as a team. However In Years 6 and above, pupils compete as individuals with the top 10% being invited to take part in a separate competition run by Oxford University in March. This year, after doing extremely well in the Year 6 & 7 competition, in which 68,000 pupils entered, Beth C, Freddie H, Russell B and Amira E-H (who is a year young in this age group) have been invited to take part. Similarly, in the Years 8 & 9 competition in which 123,000 pupils entered, both Eddie E and William B have been invited to take part. The average score of our Year 8's, despite competing a year young, was also the highest in Lincolnshire. We wish them every success.