U11/12 B Softball v Lincoln Minster

Result: Won 272-251

The Year 6 girls were looking forward to their first ever, playing a mixed gender team from Lincoln Minster. We fielded first and thought we were going to have a tricky day after their opening batsman scored three fours in the first over. However, in the second over, Amelia B-H took the first wicket in what was also a maiden over. This became the theme for our fielding - Lincoln would score a few runs but we would then claw them back by taking five off their score every time we took a wicket. Over the course of the innings we managed to take nine wickets with almost all the girls managing to get at least one wicket through either accurate bowling, quick fielding to run them out or, in one case, by a fantastic catch by Leah. Special mention should go to Peyia who, as captain, organised the field very well.

After the fielding, the girls knew that each pair had to finish with a score of 13 for us to win. Lucy and Amelia set the tone in the first partnership with positive running between the stumps and only conceding one wicket, giving them a score of 19. However, it was the second partnership of 36 runs between Peyia and Poppy that proved particularly decisive with many of them coming off a succession of fours from Poppy. We then started to concede a few wickets which let a seed of doubt enter the girls’ minds, quickly expunged when Leah got to the crease and started hitting fours from her very first ball.

Overall, it was a fantastic first performance from the girls and a welcome return to competitive fixtures.