Year 5 River Trip

On Tuesday, Year 5 went on a rivers investigation. Starting at Snipe Dales they found the source of the stream which later joins the River Lymn. They then walked along its course for a little while and identified various features of rivers, such as valleys, meanders and tributaries. The class stopped at a confluence and gathered data on depth, temperature and speed of the river. They also examined some of the river water for different creatures after using the kick-sampling technique.

After lunch, everyone headed to Gibraltar Point to look at the river at its mouth. Having now become the River Steeping, it meanders to The Wash. Here pupils drew a bird’s eye view of the winding river as it flowed through the salt marshes to the sea. 

It was a very enlightening day and it was really interesting to see the differences between the start and end of a river. Most of all it was fantastic to be out on a school trip at last!