Your Starter for Ten

A team of four pupils represented St. Hugh’s at the annual Uppingham on the Buzzer competition, which follows a similar format to University Challenge.  The team consisted of Captain Beth C, Harrison S, Harry H and Dan G.

In their pool they played Spratton Hall, Brook Priory and Witham Hall and they won two of their three fixtures.  They were then directed to the plate competition on a points scored basis rather than number of wins. 

The plate competition took the form of a “pub quiz” with 20 questions and a tie-break of how high is The Shard in London (answer 310m).  One of the questions in the pub quiz was to name eight flags. We got seven correct, but the one we answered incorrectly was the flag on the left, which we named as the country that the flag on the right represents (answer Iceland and Norway).

After the competition the pupils were treated to a sweet-tastic match tea.  All thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon and the opportunity to see Uppingham School.